About The Scented Candle Studio 

Hi there. My name is Angie Waudby and I am the owner/creator of The Scented Candle Studio and Bea Loves products. I am an experienced Aromatherapist and Gardener/Plantswoman of 38 years and over that time I have amassed a good knowledge of plant species and it never ceases to amaze me ecologically how everything can form a garden that is balanced with natural plantings and with correct positioning of plants it becomes a glorious setting for wildlife species. 
I am most fortunate to have a garden of 1.5 acres which has been established over the last 13 years from a blank canvas. At times our Holderness clay soil has been very challenging but with consistent mulching and care we can grow many wonderful shrubs, trees and perennials needing very little attention. 

Become close to nature 

I feel a garden whatever the size is a haven a place of peace and contemplation where you can lose yourself, become close to nature and forget your troubles and difficult times. Then re-emerge back into daily life feeling refreshed and revitalised however old you are.  
Plants teach us lessons in life how to enjoy simple things, smell beautiful scents, appreciate shades and hues of colours and eat healthily by our grown food. They also teach us about Wildlife and how important this is to our lives so we all live side by side in our natural environment in peace and tranquillity. 
My greatest enjoyment has been the arrival of Bees into my garden, my Grandad Percy Cartwright kept Bees in his fruit orchard in Kilburn, a quaint village nestled under the famous ‘White Horse’ in North Yorkshire and I can remember with fondness his many white WBC traditional Hives and take pride that I have followed in his footsteps.  
My bees are now in their fourth year and it is with so much pride I walk daily most mornings to see and experience the energy from the several Hives that we have here in rural Halsham, East Yorkshire. The paddock where they are sited is currently filled with glorious Prunus trees in full bloom early May 2019 and I can hear the Worker Bees collecting pollen in their sacs and flying back to the Apiary. 
Holistic Intuitive & Healer 
I have always had an interest in esoteric energy and have worked as an Aromatherapist, Holistic Intuitive and Healer for the last 18 years. I have been making essential oils candles for several years which I find so relaxing and rewarding with many health benefits. I have felt inspired to create a range of candles with Laura my daughter-in-law and promote the message of the Honey Bee. 
Our logo depicts that image and is named Bea Loves after my Granddaughter Beatrice, now 3 years old. Laura and I love good old “Yorkshire Value for Money” and “Make Do and Mend”. I adore making lovely things and selling them at affordable prices so they can be for everyone to try and enjoy. It’s part of our Yorkshire blood. We have zero waste here and all packaging etc is recycled responsibly. 
Our small artisan candle studio is where everything is hand made with a great love and pride by our small team. My great grandfather Robert Thompson, the craftsman known as ‘The Mouseman’ was a believer of Industry in quiet places, where local people were employed and treated with respect. Men were trained as craftsmen for life and the workplace was part of the village community for all to enjoy. 
Since the birth of Bea Loves in July 2017 we have grown steadily, Grandad Percy always said “One step at a time Lass”. The business has just moved into the garden in a super new work Studio, converted from a log Cabin and candlemaking (chandling) can finally cease in my kitchen, the packing room can be withdrawn out of the dining room and I get to have my own office space! 
With lovely views into my garden from our workplace we can watch and listen for the many species of Bumble Bees we have here and Honey Bees working fastidiously gathering Pollen. Our next project is to label and jar the honey when gathered and details will appear on the website. Please follow the Bea blog and In The Potting Shed for informative garden ideas. 
Kind regards 
Angie, Laura & Beatrice x 
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